Choose your Datho VPN Subscription Plan

$ 0 /month
100% FREE
Limited 800kb/s Speed
OpenVPN support
$ 7.99 /month
Desktop Clients for Windows and OS X
Unlimited Bandwith & Traffic
Choose from OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP
Over 70 servers Worldwide
P2P Traffic Allowed

Every Paid Plan Comes With a 3 Day Moneyback Guarantee

    Free Service Details

    - Free service is limited to 800KB/s. Paid Datho subscribers have no bandwidth restrictions and can achieve download speeds up up to 20mbps on some servers.

    - Our Free Services comes with all the features and security of the Open VPN protocol

    - Depending on usage, bandwidth restrictions may be implemented in the immediate future

    - Limited number of servers available. If all servers are currently at, or near full capacity, you will notice delays & buffering in your service. Please try again when the servers are less congested.

Please note that our free VPN service is a new very new feature and we have no way to accurately predict how many will choose to use it.

As we first roll-out this service, we kindly ask for your patience as we fine tune our network to accommodate demand and troubleshoot bugs. 

While we are providing this service in the hope that it will persuade you to sign-up for paid service with us; we are also providing a free service as a way of making a small contribution to the XBMC community by bringing a reliable and free service to users. We are just a small start-up and are limited in what we can provide.

How To Start Using Our Free Service

    1. Register a free account at:

    2. Once you have created your free account and confirmed your email address, you can find your login credentials on your Account Details page:

*Please note that subscribers to the free service will see a message saying 'You have not subscribed yet' in the Account Overview section. This message applies only to paid service, not the free plan.

    3. Install and open the Datho VPN add-on in XBMC (additional software may be required depending on your OS. Please consult our Downloads Page

    4. Enter your username & password in the settings menu, select your operating system and select 'OK'

    5. If you have a free account with Datho VPN, a list of our free servers will appear. If you have a paid subscription with Datho VPN, the full list of servers will appear.


Not sure what to choose? Have any questions before you sign up?

Email us at and we will get back to you ASAP!