NEW: FREE Service Tier Available

What if you don't need a VPN 24/7? What if you just want to watch some videos or listen to some Spotify? Then our free service is the PERFECT solution for you. It's easy to use, easy to set up and it works on ANY platform that supports OpenVPN. You can find more details on our Plans & Pricing Page


Global Reach

Our network of servers span 17 countries and 5 continents to deliver you among the fastest VPN speeds with servers offering up to 20mbps download speeds. Our lightning fast network is perfect for streaming HD services such at Netflix & BBC, as well as gamers or anybody else requiring high-bandwidth. 



Our severs employ thousands of dynamic IP address, allowing you to appear never to be in the same place twice. Moreover, Datho VPN has shared IP addresses, meaning there can literally be 20 people using 1 IP address (without compromising your own speed and security). A shared IP address makes it nearly impossible to single out any one person's web activity. Our NAT firewall further protects you from malicious incoming traffic as well.


Perfect for business travelers & expatriates

Living or traveling abroad and need secure access to your company or home network? Unable to access your favorite sites such as Facebook, Twitter, news, etc., because of government censorship? No matter where you are in the world, there is a Datho VPN server nearby, allowing you constant and secure access to the internet no matter where you are. 


Get your content when you want it, where you want it

Geo-blocking is how content providers such as Netflix, Hult, BBC, Pandora, Spotify and others restrict their content by location. Using your IP address, these content providers determine your physical location. If your IP address appears outside of the desired market, then the content is blocked. For example; a user with an IP address in Canada would be unable to view content from either Netflix or BBC.

When you connect to a Datho VPN server, you are assigned an IP address in that country This same user in Canada can now connect to a UK server to access BBC and a US server for Netflix.



Datho VPN is available in the following Countries:



Belgium - 1 Server

Denmark - 1 Server

France - 3 Servers

Germany - 2 Servers

Hungary - 1 Server

Netherlands - 10 Servers

Poland - 1 Server

Spain - 2 Servers

Sweden - 3 Servers

Switzerland - 1 Server

UK - 2 Servers

North America

United States - 33 Servers

South America

Brazil - 2 Servers


Japan - 2 Servers

Korea - 2 Servers

Singapore - 2 Servers


Australia - 2 Servers

Total = 70 Servers