Datho VPN Frequently Asked Questions

- With the Datho VPN add-on, subscribers have the ability to connect, disconnect and toggle between different country servers without ever leaving Kodi (XBMC).

- Datho VPN offers over 70 servers in 17 countries in Asia, Europe, North & South America and Oceania.

- Currently, the most common way for a user to use a VPN on XBMC requires that they manually start a VPN connection on their computer's main operating system and then leave this connection running while they load XBMC. Turning off or changing VPN servers, requires a user to close XBMC and return to their main OS. 

- Many set-ups, including most set-top box configurations, use XBMC as a “closed system” - i.e., the user stays within the confines of XBMC and do not have easy access to the underlying operating system.

- In some popular XBMC setups such as OpenELEC and RaspBMC, it is actually impossible to exit the XBMC environment and access the underlying operating system.

- While our add-on does with most popular third party VPN providers; only the Datho VPN service gives you real-time information on server availability and congestion.


Unlock geo-restricted video add-ons:

-Unlock XBMC's vast selection of top-quality legal content.

-Many popular and official XBMC add-ons are geo-restricted based on your location. BBC iPlayer, ITV, Australia, iView and major US networks

including AMC, A&E, Bravo, Comedy Central, ESPN, Food Network, etc. 

-Get Neflix anywhere! Live in any country


Unlock geo-restricted music add-ons:

Access Pandora, Spotify, Vevo and more from anywhere in the world

Legal North American Sports:

With Datho VPN on XBMC; US & Canadian viewers can now subscribe and view the following services:

    NFL Game Pass

    - Normally available to viewers outside the US & Canada, NFL Game Pass gives you -

    - All Preseason and Regular Season Games – Live & On-Demand

    - All Playoff Games & Superbowl XLIX

    - NFL Network & NFL Red Zone

    - Watch on nearly any device, including your TV

    - Plans range from $199.99 for the Season Plus plan to $14.99 for full weekly access (Connect to a server in Belgium, Holland or Poland for these prices)

    - XBMC add-on available

    MLB.TV, NBA International League Pass & NHL Gamecenter

Connect to a non-US server to watch all games (home & away) without any blackout or restrictions

Restore access to all your XBMC add-ons:

Enjoy uncensored and unrestricted access to the entire internet and unlock blocked web sites, add-ons and apps. Our VPN servers evade all government and ISP censorship restrictions.


    - All data is fully encrypted and unreadable by third parties.

    - No more threatening letters from your ISP for using torrent & P2P sites.

    - Datho VPN allows unrestricted P2P streaming and we keep no log files. This means there is no record of your online activities on Datho servers.

    - Keep all your streaming activities invisible from third parties & marketers. What you watch on XBMC is your business and nobody else's!

Avoid Network Throttling

In many countries, particularly the US, ISPs purposely slow down the speeds of popular streaming & gaming sites. Datho VPN on XBMC encrypts all web traffic, making it impossible for your ISP to identify and slow down this traffic. Many users will find greatly increased performance for services such as Netflix.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an Internet privacy and encryption tool that should be considered if safeguarding your data or online anonymity is important to you. 

VPN is an easy privacy tool to use and offers many features that enhance your daily Internet experience.

A VPN secures your data and protects your privacy from hacker, marketers and other malicious 3rd parties. It is particular for Wi-Fi hotspots or other public networks, where any data you send on your computer can be easily intercepted.

VPNs also help circumvent Internet censorship & geo-blocking, while helping prevent network throttling. Some users may find their video streaming and gaming connections improve using a VPN.

Datho VPN creates a secure connection for your daily browsing needs. Before you start browsing, connect to the Datho VPN service, once the connection is made all of your online activity (email, instant messaging, banking operations etc.) will go trough a secure & encrypted tunnel.  This means that no 3rd parties - ISPs included - can see what you are doing online.
DathoVPN is the world's first VPN service designed specifically for use in the XBMC media center platform. Users have the ability to control and switch VPN servers without ever leaving XBMC.


You can download your desired User Manual by going to our downloads page, located HERE
You can download our applications by going to our Downloads page, located HERE

Aside from the fact that it's very easy to install and use, our application has a automatic reconnect feature.

By configuring the application to start at system startup and connect automatically you save time and possible security breaches. If your connection is terminated for some reason, our application will reconnect to the selected server, on it's own, thus keeping you protected.

The configuration files for OS X work with a third party program called Tunnelblick. You can use our User Manuals to assist you in the setup that uses these files.

General Service Questions

Yes, we allow P2P traffic.
Yes, our service works with all of the popular TV and movie services and our XBMC add-on adds a whole other dimension to streaming.
Yes. Our service can help you to reduce lag and give you a better gaming experience.
DathoVPN can improve your ping because our routing backbone is superior to that of many ISPs. Unlike your ISP, we do not throttle your connection in any way.

There are multiple factors that can affect the speed of a server, such as:

-The current protocol that you are using to connect

-Your physical location

-Where the website that you are trying to visit is located

-The network that connection takes to reach its desired destination

-The number of people that are currently using the same server In general it is always preferable to use a server that is close to you and your destination. If you are not happy with your speed, you can always try a different server or different protocol for better results.

You can choose between PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN
No, we don't employ any kind of limits or restrictions.
There is no limit to how many devices you can install our software on. While using our service, you may use one OpenVPN connection and one other protocol (PPTP or L2TP) at the same time.
Currently we support Windows, Mac OSX and Android. If you desire to use another OS you can follow one of our manual  setup guides to configure your Datho VPN connection.
Our service works on any device that supports either the OpenVPN or PPTP protocol.

Security Questions

Datho VPN utilizes shared IP address for additional privacy. Rather than assigning a user a single IP address, shared IPs mean that multiple users share the same address (without compromising security of privacy) making it virtually impossible to determine what any individual user is doing.
A static IP address is like your home address, in that it never changes. Every time you connect to the internet, you are on the same address. A dynamic address changes each-and-every time you a connection is made.
We use dynamic IP address because they offer much better anonimty. Each time you connect to our service you will have a new 'identity'.
The only thing your ISP can see is that you are using a secure and encrypted connection to one of our servers.
Yes. We include a NAT firewall with all subscription packages.
A NAT firewall is a filter that blocks unwanted inbound traffic to protect you from hackers, botnets and other malicious 3rd parties.
Yes, we inculde a NAT firewall with all paid subscriptions. Your security is our number 1 priority.
We do not record or store logs of any single customer's VPN activity. For complete details visit Privacy Policy.

Payment & Subscriptions

All new accounts are covered by a No Questions Asked, 3 day money back guarantee. If at any time during this period you wish to cancel your account, you may do so here http://www.dathovpn.com/service/accountDetails/. All requests for refunds must be submitted within 3 days (72-hours) from the date/time of your original order. No refunds will be granted after that period.
It depends on what VPN plan you have selected. Our monthly plan will bill you every 30 days, the actual day that you will be charged may vary from one month to another. If you selected our Quarterly plan, you will be billed every 3 months, and if you selected our annual plan you will be billed every 12 months.
Please contact support at support@dathovpn.com or request your cancellation online by following this link http://www.dathovpn.com/service/accountDetails/


If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact support@dathovpn.com

with any other questions that you may have.

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