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Vpn addon for xBMc/Kodi

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Stream live sports, watch movies and TV shows, from anywhere in the world without leaving XBMC/Kodi

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With DathoVPN you get a dedicated XBMC/Kodi VPN addon AND fully featured Desktop Clients

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With the Datho VPN XBMC/Kodi addon you can watch your favorite movies & TV shows, stream live sports in HD, from anywhere in the world and without ever leaving your XBMC/Kodi client. Just open the Datho VPN addon, select a country to connect to, and you're done !


Fast, Powerful & Easy to Use Desktop Clients

Our Dedicated Windows and OS X Desktop Clients allow you to:

- Install and start using our service in minutes

- Switch countries with just 2 clicks

- Automatically connects you to your favorite VPN server as soon as you log in to your OS.

- Our auto-reconnect feature makes sure that you never have to worry about the security of your connection.

- Choose from OpenVPN(UDP&TCP), PPTP & L2TP VPN protocols

And Much More...



Just a few things that you can do with DathoVPN

Be sure to check out our FAQ and VPN Features pages for more detailed information


Stay Safe Online

Every 3 seconds somebody has one of their online accounts compromised. Millions lose access to their Facebook or Email accounts each year.

With DathoVPN your connection is secured and encrypted to fend off potential attackers.

Stop Websites From Tracking You

Ever had the feeling that an Advertisement was following you online? Some websites out there track every little move you make online.

Once you start using DathoVPN your IP address is masked with on of our own.

Protect Your Privacy

Some websites track more then just what you do on their site, they can actually create a profile of you after some time based on ALL your online activity.

We believe Privacy is one of our most important rights, and that's why we use everything at our disposal to keep you safe.

Stream Movies, TV Shows & Music

We all love a good movie or a TV show, but it's annoying when you see some countries getting a show tonight and you can only watch it next week or next month.

With DathoVPN you can use services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer or Spotify from almost any country.

Stream Live Sports,Get Special Deals

With DathoVPN you can stream your favorite sport right to your TV, PC, Tablet or Phone.

Take advantage of special pricing for services like NFL Gamepass, NBA Leaguepass, NHL Gamecenter or MLB.TV that are only available in certain countries.

Unlock restricted websites

Certain content or websites are restricted to some people. Either by some national firewall or by their ISP.

We believe in a FREE and OPEN internet where everything is available to ALL. Once you start using DathoVPN you can say goodbye to those restrictions.

Plans & Pricing

All paid plans include a 3 day FREE TRIAL

$ 0 /month
100% FREE
Limited 800kb/s Speed
OpenVPN support
$ 7.99 /month
Desktop Clients for Windows and OS X
Unlimited Bandwith
& Traffic
Choose from OpenVPN, PPTP or L2TP
Over 70 servers Worldwide
P2P Traffic Allowed

Why Datho?

Features at a glance


Custom Desktop Clients

NAT Firewall

Dedicated XBMC/Kodi VPN Addon

Shared IP addresses

NO Data Caps

70+ servers in 17 countries

No Logs


P2P sharing

VOIP Support

Wi-Fi Hotspot Protection

3-day Money Back Guarantee

If you want more information make sure to check out our FAQ and Why Datho? pages.

Start Protecting Your Privacy and Enjoy A FREE and OPEN Internet

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